Main Kore

Action Inkubator

Design & Kolour Perfection

Action Inkubator offers endless kolour combinations, with pure pigment and intricate pixels. Creating the perfect balance of vibrant kolour and illustrious shine. Formulated without sulfates, ammonia, parabens, and is cruelty-free. Inspiring from all aspects of fashion to create the latest in cut and kolour, our edgy urban style is prominent within our builds. Whether your craving natural balayage locks or shocking hues, the Inkubator will accommodate you in your ever lasting hair kolour journey. Offering a range of styles for men and women who stand out from the crowd.

What's Included With My purchase?

  • Hairstyle.
  • 'Kore' HUD With 48 Hair Kolours.
  • 3D & Tattoo Hairbases
  • Expansion Ready For Bumpz HUD.

Kore Kolour Chart

48 Kolours Solids & Ombre.

Kolour Chart

Bumpz Kolour Packs

When You Need More Than The Kore

Kolour expandability of your Inkubator hair system does not stop with the 'Kore'. Bumpz are compatible with Inkubator Hair and 3D Base, this unique add-on allows for endless hair and kolour combinations. New Bumpz are being added all the time even limited edition packs, helping to keep your style unique and on trend.

What's Included With My purchase?

  • 'Bumpz' HUD With 8 Hair Kolours.
  • Matching Tattoo Hairbases.
  • Inkubator Hair & 3D Base Compatible.